Class 1 Air Ducts

TYPE SAGIA - Medical Grade

TYPE SAGIA - Medical Grade

Tested and catalogued according to UL 181 / ULC S-110, class 1 air ducts. A one ply aluminum foil closely corrugated for strength and flexibility with seems QUADRALOCKED®, folded flat and knurled to insure air tightness. Perforated to resist vibrations.

INSULATION: Non-Carcinogenic TEXTRAFINE (R4.2) 1-1 1/2” thick and 1 lb. density.

VAPOR BARRIER: Aluminum foil jacket.

Type SAIA duct shall be of semi-rigid construction capable of maintaining the shaping required by job conditions without subsequent sagging or droop. Duct connections to equipment outlet collars shall be made in accordance with the duct manufacturer’s recommendations.A grey poly-vinyl jacket is pulled over the inside duct to prevent particles from entering the duct. A special requirement for HVAC systems in medical buildings.

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